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Fixing You: Neck Pain & Headaches

There are two major muscles connecting the shoulder blade to the head and neck. Because the shoulder system isn’t working well, continual stress is placed on the head and neck creating vulnerabilities to injury. Chronic neck pain and headaches are often a result of these types of systemic problems. . . More >>

Baby Boomers and Hearing Loss: A Guide to Prevention and Care

Audiologist John Burkey shows readers how they can continue to enjoy youthful living, regardless of whether their hearing abilities are undiminished or severely compromised. In a reassuring and straightforward style, Burkey explains the typical causes of hearing loss . . . More >>


Acid Reflux Bed Wedge System

A simple natural treatment/remedy to control the acid from travelling up the esophagus, and damaging it, is to sleep with an inclined upper-body to let nature/gravity keep the acids from rising. This natural method will control the upward flow of the acids and promote faster healing. . . . More >> Incoming search terms:gerd bed […]

Portable Automatic Pill Dispenser

Portable Automatic Pill Dispenser – Medication management system for two (2) medications – Dispenses pills up to 15 times per day (one or two medications) – Works well for Parkinson’s patients (or any patient taking pills many times per day) Easy to Use Portable Automatic Pill Dispenser. Load your tablets, caplets or capsules ahead of […]

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Aging Into Disability


Alternative Cure For Stroke Survivors

A stoke is a brain damage cause by lack of blood flow to a portion of the brain. It results in permanent damage to the brain tissue – and in many cases permanent disability for the sufferer. There are many physical consequences like speech disability, and paralysis. Additionally, stroke survivors often deal with the psychological […]

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Baby Boomers


When Should You Retire?

You may never feel your ducks are all in a row for retirement, and you may be right. You can’t be too careful about making sure that there are no overlooked details in the planning process. We mostly worry about whether we’ll be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, but the problem is that maintaining […]

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Mental Health


Extreme Education Linked To Mental Health Disorders

Have you ever heard that you can be over educated? Scientists have found a link between extremely educated people and mental illness.

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Health Challenges

arthritis hands

Chronic Joint Pain

Chronic joint pain can be caused by any number of reasons. Sometimes there is an infection of the body, and it reaches one or more joints and infects that area too. Other times your body may be ill in some way, or the immune system is out of balance or weakened. Chronic joint pain can […]

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