Alternative Cure For Stroke Survivors

stroke rehabA stoke is a brain damage cause by lack of blood flow to a portion of the brain. It results in permanent damage to the brain tissue – and in many cases permanent disability for the sufferer. There are many physical consequences like speech disability, and paralysis.

Additionally, stroke survivors often deal with the psychological effects such as depression, anger, and frustration at their inability to perform tasks that were easy or automatic before the stroke.

The person’s general ability to take part in a rehabilitation program after the stroke is important consideration when decisions are being made about rehabilitation. Rehabilitation begins as soon as possible after a person is admitted to the hospital

Stroke survivors have an alternative option. They can turn to traditional Chinese cures combined with modern technology to speed up recovery and reclaim their lives.Traditional Chinese medical theory cites that excesses or deficiencies in work, exercise, emotions, and food intake can cause illness.

More people are discovering just how effective modern alternative health and therapeutic treatment is in healing ailments that range from relatively minor problems such tension headaches to serious illnesses like stroke.

Most stroke patients are left with some forms of permanent disability that interferes with normal life activities such as walking, speech, vision, reasoning, and memory. One form of rehabilitation involves using a mirror. It is believed that if a person who has had a stroke watches how the unaffected side of his or her body moves, it can give visual clues to help the person move the affected side.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses acupuncture which nowadays employs the additional use of a machine to stimulate the needles and, in effect, provide relief where needed. Acupuncture is one Chinese treatment which has been intensively researched, challenged, and corroborated by western doctors.

The Journal of American Association of Anatomist indicated that acupuncture points correspond to areas where connective tissues are thickest and which contain the most nerve endings. Far from being a fleeting trend, acupuncture has become an accepted health care practice. It involves science intersecting with nature.

Finally, electrotherapy is among the services, which offers holistic and integrated approach based on the intrinsic flow- and energy balance theory of health and healing. It has proven to be a very effective treatment, especially when administered within one year after a person suffers a stroke. It is able to help improve blood circulation, speech, and motor facilities.

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