Does Elder Care Mean Parenting Your Parent?

Minding Our EldersThink it’s OK to “Parent Your Parent”? Maybe not according to Mr. Eldercare’s guest, Carol Bursack Carol is a caregiver, blogger, speaker and author who will touch your heart and your mind with her message of caring, hope and practical solutions for dealing with elderly parents.

How To Talk To Your Parents About Assisted Living


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    Here in Sweden it’s very rare for people to take care of their parents. Instead we have senior homes. But lately venture capitalists have taken over these homes and the quality of healthcare has become very bad. So I see a trend coming where people will try to take care of their parents after all. If they can.

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    This was the topic of a recent seminar I attended. They really hit on the fact that as care givers, we have some type of natural tendency to start talking like the parent to our parents when caring for them. It is definitely something to be mindful of, as I have seen many of my friends fall into this habit as well.
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