Are You At Risk for Getting White Finger?

Raynaud’s phenomenon is a condition that is more frequently referred to by a lot of people as white finger. While many people are not aware of this, white finger is a problem that can affect men and women who work in environments that involve tools that vibrate.

As a matter of fact, it is actually one of the biggest health concerns for people that work on a regular basis with tools that vibrate. It is not uncommon for the constriction of blood vessels that occurs with this particular condition to lead to a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort.

The good news is white finger is a condition that will usually heal quite well on its own if it is caught early enough and the proper steps are taken. This however means the person will need to completely avoid any use of any type of vibrating tools.

Social Security disabilityThis may sound like it should be easy enough, however for people whose career involves the constant use of such tools it’s not all that easy. While stopping the use of these tools may not actually heal the condition, it can keep it from progressing. There has also been some research done which suggests Botox has the ability to put a halt to the blood vessel’s constriction.

In the event that a person’s use of vibrating tools cannot be stopped, the condition will progress and permanent damage then becomes a very real possibility. Healing is practically impossible when the nerves are continuously being agitated.

Gangrene is another problem that can also occur when white finger continues to progress. At this point, necrosis may also develop. There are even some situations where necrosis of the flesh will form without white finger first progressing to gangrene.

The constant blood vessel constriction of white finger can eventually cause decreased levels of oxygen to be supplied to the tissue of the fingers through the blood. When they no longer receive adequate amounts of oxygen they need to function properly, gangrene will begin to set in. This is because the tissue’s ability to effectively fight away bacteria completely shuts down.

Once bacteria have been able to progress into gangrene, the flesh is literally consumed by the toxins that are being produced. This simply provides the bacteria with even more room to breed and grow.

While gangrene is serious enough, necrosis is a problem that is even a larger problem that can occur when white finger has progressed, or if gangrene has formed. If gangrene is stopped soon enough and before it has a chance to turn into necrosis, it can be reversed.

Cases that progress into necrosis however will require the immediate removal of tissue that has been affected. If dead tissue is left attached, it allows the deadly bacteria to cause havoc as it travels all throughout the body.

It is possible to prevent white finger from leading to gangrene or necrosis. It does however mean that people working in positions demanding the constant use of vibrating tools to pay close attention to changes that occur in their body.


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