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Bed Alarm and Bed Pad

The sensor pad will send a silent signal to a bed alarm which is kept with the care person. The bed alarm will sound, alerting you that they are trying to get up. Bed Alarm has a volume control (low to very loud), and an on/off switch and operates on C batteries. (not included)The alert is a continuous chime sound. This system is so simple to use . . . More >>

Bed Alarm and Bed Pad

Fixing You: Neck Pain & Headaches

Fixing You: Neck Pain & HeadachesThere are two major muscles connecting the shoulder blade to the head and neck. Because the shoulder system isn’t working well, continual stress is placed on the head and neck creating vulnerabilities to injury. Chronic neck pain and headaches are often a result of these types of systemic problems. . . More >>

Fixing You: Neck Pain & Headaches

Baby Boomers and Hearing Loss: A Guide to Prevention and Care

Baby Boomers and Hearing Loss: A Guide to Prevention and CareAudiologist John Burkey shows readers how they can continue to enjoy youthful living, regardless of whether their hearing abilities are undiminished or severely compromised. In a reassuring and straightforward style, Burkey explains the typical causes of hearing loss . . . More >>

Acid Reflux Bed Wedge System

A simple natural treatment/remedy to control the acid from travelling up the esophagus, and damaging it, is to sleep with an inclined upper-body to let nature/gravity keep the acids from rising. This natural method will control the upward flow of the acids and promote faster healing. . . . More >>

Jumbo Giant Digital Atomic Wall Clock Thermometer. 4.5

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