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Autodrop Eye Drop Dispenser


The Autodrop Eye Drop Guide clips into place over most eye drop bottles and positions the bottle at the correct angle over the eye. This eye drop applicator holds the eye open and directs the drops, allowing for accurate eye drop installation. Autodrop has a special cup that prevents blinking by keeping the lower eyelid […]

Tab Grabber eReader Holder for Wheelchairs

ereader holder for wheelchairs

Tab Grabber ereader holder for wheelchairs holds tablet computers, e readers, and ipads. Wheelchair clamp, swivel head, positions device for viewing and interaction for people with arthritic hands.

Hands Free Umbrella Holder Bag

umbrella holder

Hands Free Umbrella Holder Bag is useful for persons with arthritic or weak hands who have a hard time gripping umbrella handles. Wide, comfortable adjustable straps provide custom fit for users while sitting or standing. . . More >>