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Portable Ultrasound Model US-1000

portable ultrasound

The LG-US1 Ultrasound is a proven, therapeutic method of aiding the healing process. The ultrasonic waves massage the injured area, promoting blood-flow and reducing swelling, similar ultrasound units in physical therapists office. What is Ultrasound Therapy? Ultrasound machines are a treatment modality that utilize high or low frequency sound waves . . . More >>

3rd Arm Cup Holder

3rd arm cupholder

This cup holder can be attached to wheelchairs, tabletops, strollers, or high chairs using the clamp which opens to 3.5 inches. The holder has an adjustable velcro strap which accommodates a variety of different size cups and bottles. . . More >>

Pride Lift Chair

Lift Chair

View Post Pride’s LC-525L is an innovative lift chair package designed to keep you as comfortable as possible while providing nearly limitless versatility. An ergonomic back rest configuration prevents back pain from occurring before it starts, and the plush blown-fiber split back cushion offers a stylish appearance and exquisite comfort. Every Pride LC-525 lift chair […]