Causes and Treatments of Bipolar Disorder

Medical science has yet to uncover a reason why some people develop bipolar disorder. It’s believed, though, that a variety of biological, genetic and environmental factors seem to work together to trigger these episodes. There are different kinds of emotions that you can feel throughout your life. There are times where you are happy, and […]

Explanation of Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder is a very serious mental illness. People with bipolar disorder experience dramatic mood swings. They experience an overly energetic high as well as a lightening-fast crash to hopeless, depressing lows — and then back again. The high feeling is called mania. The down feeling is depression. Unfortunately, bipolar disorder can can be inherited. […]

Bipolar Disorder: Maintaining a Stress Free Lifestyle


Studies shows that in 60 percent of bipolar disorder cases, the first major depressive or manic episode is preceded by a significant stressor. Moreover, the more a person experiences mood swings, the more he or she is vulnerable to developing future relapses. Not only that, but relapses may diminish the effectiveness of drugs. While bipolar […]