Stress and Memory

MemoRise for Improved Memory and Retention

Some memory loss is considered a mild cognitive impairment, but chronic, long-term stress can have a serious effect on the severity of that memory loss. When you’re exposed to stress, your body releases hormones, including cortisol, which may prevent the brain from remembering new information or even retrieving already stored items. Excessive stress can actually […]

How Memory Works

To better understand why our memory sometimes falters, we need to understand how the brain stores information. Information is not stored in a single area of your mind, but are scattered over various regions. You can think of you brain as an area containing various storage bins. Each time you collect a piece of information, […]

Alternative Health Treatments for Memory Loss


Generally speaking, nutritional intervention is key in boosting a failing memory. Herbs and nutritional supplements are a great way to do this without the side effects of prescription drugs. There are several herbs that contain an outstanding array of phytonutrients to help you either curb forgetfulness or help maintain a healthy memory. There are many […]

Memory Pills


More and more, people are turning to herbal and nutritional supplements for better memory and longer life. Some supplements are very familiar while others are less well known. Fortunately, there is a lot of investigation and research being carried out in Asia and Europe on natural and herbal remedies of that have a positive effect […]